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China Spice is a fusion of South East Asian Chinese and Thai food which is hidden in various parts of South East Asia and has been brought into countries like India from the long term immigrants whose ancestors migrated to India from various neighboring countries like China, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Thailand. For centuries these immigrants living in India have been cooking their food with Indian spices mixing Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques. We are trying to take this food to the next level giving another choice to South East Asians living overseas.

China Spice has a team of highly qualified chefs from various provinces of China, Nepal and Tibet. Each chef takes us on a journey to their homeland, with specialties of Hakka, Szechwan, Shanghai and Thai cuisine, introducing their own interpretations of traditional and innovative Chinese cuisine.


Foods tend to be flavored with spices such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric, which are traditionally not associated with genuine Chinese cuisine. Hot chilly, ginger, garlic and yogurt are also frequently used in dishes. Non-staple dishes are by default served with generous helpings of gravy, although they can also be ordered "dry" or "without gravy". China Spice entrée's include chili (implying hot and batter-fried), Manchurian (implying a sweet and salty brown sauce), and Szechwan (Sichuan, implying a spicy red sauce). These correspond loosely, if at all, with authentic Chinese food preparation. Scallions and soy sauce are used in plenty to add a "Chinese touch" to the food.

With a seating capacity for 50-60 people, it is a great place for hosting parties, business lunches and private functions.
Exquisite food, excellent service, at a reasonable price that customers are happy to pay, makes China Spice one of the best choices in town for a memorable experience.

Reservation and early booking is strongly recommended

Banquet Hall available for 100 or more people.

Business Hours
Open 7 days
Lunch 11am – 3pm
Mon – Thu Dinner 5pm - 10:00
Fri - Sat Dinner 3pm - 11:00
Sun Dinner 3pm - 10:00


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